Edo Zylstra PT, DPT

Founder, Owner

Doctor of Physical Therapy


Edo Zylstra is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy. He earned his Masters of Physical Therapy at Regis University in 1999 and his Doctorate from Regis in 2012. Edo worked as a staff physical therapist in a specialty pain and spine injury clinic in the Denver area for several years before establishing a successful outpatient Physical Therapy practice in Brighton, Colorado, in 2005. The family moved to Michigan in 2013. At this time, Edo opened a part-time cash pay practice in Byron Center, Michigan. Recently, he  moved that practice to Hudsonville with an official opening date of January 1, 2021.


Edo founded a physical therapy education company, KinetaCore (now part of Evidence in Motion), in 2006. His desire was to share his Functional Dry Needling© techniques with other therapists who wanted to help their patients return to their daily activities more quickly. Edo loves teaching dry needling and advocating for its acceptance across the United States. He currently teaches foundational, clinical, and advanced level courses throughout the US and Canada.


Dr. Zylstra has over 20 years of experience in orthopedics, pre-/post- surgical care, sports performance, wellness training, chronic pain treatment, and injury prevention. He works with patients of all ages and across all activity levels. Since 2014, Edo has also been a delegate for the Michigan chapter of the House of Delegates of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). This allows him the opportunity to serve the profession and statewide patient care by advocating for policy change.


Edo evaluates and treats from a whole-body approach. His treatment combines knowledge and understanding of anatomy and function within the context of full body structure, function, and movement patterns. He works to restore compromised mobility, strength, stability and movement patterning. This is achieved through various manual techniques, active modalities, progressive exercise, and education. Edo also enjoys building a solid rapport with his patients and clients, including clinical problem-solving, and watching his patients and clients progress to the activities and level of function they desire.

Edo never tires of learning new treatment and training techniques, perspectives, and the latest advances in physical therapy. He is excited to treat patients in West Michigan at his new clinic in Hudsonville. When not practicing physical therapy, Edo enjoys spending time at the lake, paddle boarding, reading, hiking, and being with his wife, Christi, and their three adult children.

  • Orthopedic Certified Specialist and Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Faculty, EIM
  • Developed Functional Dry Needling® and teaches the techniques internationally
  • Founder, KinetaCore (now EIM)
  • Owner, Clinician, KinetaCare Physiotherapy
  • Delegate for the Michigan chapter of the APTA

Consulting / Mentorship

Geared towards other fellow physical therapists, Dr. Zylstra offers consulting and mentorship. He has accumulated over 20 years of practicing physical therapy and over 15 years of teaching courses globally. From this experience, Dr. Zylstra provides counsel to assist colleagues and students in the best treatment techniques and advances.

Christi Zylstra


Director of Operations


Christi graduated from Hope College with a bachelor’s degree in English studies and German, and a secondary teaching certificate. Her various teaching experiences brought her as far away as the state of Washington. Later she moved home and taught at South Christian High School where she taught composition and literature to freshmen. She also taught ESL to children and adults in alternative education programs around the Grand Rapids area.


Edo and Christi moved to Colorado for Edo’s physical therapy degree in Denver. At that time, Christi committed to the journey of raising of their three children at home. Living in Colorado provided the perfect opportunity to explore and adventure with growing kids and community friends. On the side, she did some contracted writing and photography for a local people and events magazine. Also, she taught piano lessons, did web optimization and business writing, homeschooled for a short time, and substitute taught. Family life and raising children was an absolute highlight of these years!


Then Christi stepped into working part-time for the family-owned KinetaCare Physical Therapy Clinic for a while. By 2011 she moved into a full-time Director of Operations role for KinetaCore, the physical therapy education company (now Evidence In Motion) that Edo had started in 2006. Utilizing her administrative talents alongside her husband became a joy. Her experience involved all facets of a growing business, including marketing, contract negotiations, content writing, staffing, systems operation and strategic planning.

The family moved back to Michigan in 2013, where Christi continued working in KinetaCore. She then moved over into working in customer service and business development for iDryNeedle, a company for dry needling and other therapy supplies. She and Edo still maintain minority ownership.


Now Edo and Christi live in Hudsonville with two of their three grown children. Together they have opened KinetaCare Physiotherapy, which gives them the chance to once again offer custom physiotherapy solutions for patients and clients looking to improve their overall health and lifestyle. They also enjoy rural living, life at the lake, time outdoors and adventure and traveling. Most weekend days include spending time with their kids whenever they’re home, and volunteering with their church family.

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