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Personalized Care with Customized Solutions

Free Pain Assessment (15 minutes)

KinetaCare is dedicated to accessible quality care. Because of this, clients have the option to schedule a free 15-minute evaluation of current symptoms or condition, followed by a recommendation for care. If you choose to move forward with treatment, a comprehensive initial consultation will be scheduled, and the initial 15 minutes becomes part of your Initial Consult & Treatment visit. This is our best offer to help you find out how exactly KinetaCare can help you! Click here to book a Free Pain Assessment through our online scheduling platform, or call us today!

Initial Consultation (60 minutes)

At KinetaCare Physiotherapy, treatment begins with this full medical history, current symptoms, questions and concerns. Following the initial case history, you can expect movement screening and assessment, followed by treatment of whatever modalities you and your provider choose. Consecutive appointments are scheduled usually weekly or every other week, depending on individual needs, which is different from the traditional model of 2-3 visits/week. Our various modalities help us establish a plan of care that will move you toward reaching your movement goals. Click here to book an Initial Consult with Treatment through our online scheduling platform, or call us today!

Physio Treatment Sessions

Following the initial consultation, KinetaCare implements your plan of care. We use the latest technologies and practices to alleviate pain, improve function, increase performance, and improve mobility. Each treatment includes education in care and progressive movement training to solidify gains made in-session. Our goal is to move you toward a fuller life with greater movement. Click here to book a Physio Treatment Session through our online scheduling platform, or call us today!

Injury Risk Profile [IRP]

Created by KinetaCare clinicians and often utilized for athletes of all ages and abilities, this comprehensive movement assessment and survey evaluates an athlete’s potential for injury. The survey includes questions on activity, diet & nutrition, hydration, sleep, and general movement health habits. When paired with an evaluation by our doctors of physiotherapy, the IRP will offer an estimated risk of injury, as well as plan for lifestyle, sport and prevention. Click here to take the online portion of our IRP survey and receive results immediately following!

Package Sessions (5- to 10-visit packages)

Based on your specific movement conditions, symptoms and goals, KinetaCare providers have created several different packages from which to choose, if you prefer. This can be done after your Initial Consult with Treatment, and must be done by phone, email or in person. Each offers a financial discount with both short and long term benefit to your athletic performance. You choose the frequency of your visits, and we help you meet your goals!

Pricing Philosophy

At KinetaCare, we place high priority on your individualized care. For this reason, we are a cash pay practice, and offer out of network services. We believe in offering a quality standard of care above the norm of what you would expect for traditional physical therapy treatment; therefore we work hard to get your results quicker.

We charge a flat fee to our clients due at time of service, and can provide you with a superbill upon request, that can be submitted to your insurance company. We also participate with Reimbursify, an online app through which you can request reimbursement. We are able to generate a treatment note or invoice of services upon request, for all other reimbursement attempts.

Please note, we do not coordinate with insurance benefits.

Schedule an appointment

Individual Session Pricing

Free Pain Assessment

Musculoskeletal evaluation of symptoms, with recommendation

15 min


Initial Consultation

Begin plan of care with this initial evaluation, case history, musculoskeletal exam and treatment

60 min


Physio Treatment Session

Custom session of manual physiotherapy, various modalities

20 min


Physio Treatment Session

Custom session of manual physiotherapy, various modalities

40 min


Physio Treatment Session

Custom session of manual physiotherapy, various modalities

60 min


Laser | BFR Session

Laser, BFR or other modality, following initial treatment & training

20 min


Injury Risk Profile [IRP]

Determine athlete's potential for injury

40 min


Tactical Physio Strength Session

Part of Tactical Physio Strength Training Pkg

40 min

$160 (ind. price)

Semi/Professional Athlete

Custom Treatment Package

On/Off Site

Call for rates

Package Pricing

Athletes' Performance & Recovery Pkg

Custom manual physiotherapy sessions, various modalities

5 visits (40 min)


Tactical Physio | Strength Training Pkg

Injury Risk Profile, plus individualized strength training

14 visits (40 min)


Packages will be preceded by a 60-minute initial consult with full evaluation & case history.

Extended treatment time charged by 20-minute increments.

*Please note: Requests for additional assistance with forms or requests for information from insurance companies is $15/document.

Cancellation and Missed Appointments


Less than 24 hours' notice of appointment


Missed Appointment

Missed appointment without notice


Cancellation notice of at least 24 hours professionally required, to avoid payment of 50-100% of appointment rate.


Do I need a prescription?

Michigan is a Direct Access state, which allows you to schedule 10 visits or up to 3 weeks of treatment before your physician must either write a prescription or accept KinetaCare’s plan of care.

How long are my treatment sessions?

After the first 60-minute consultation & treatment, sessions are scheduled in 20-,  40- or 60-minute blocks, and are usually scheduled weekly or every other week, depending on your needs. Our dedication to quality care means we spend more time in direct treatment with you, and encourage you in the work you do at home between sessions.

Do I need to wear specific clothing for my appointment?

We recommend comfortable clothing, possibly a pair of shorts, and tank top for women, so muscle groups and joints can be reached easily, and so you’ll feel comfortable moving and stretching in your evaluation and treatment.

How many treatment sessions should I expect?

Depending on your condition, your plan of care, and your goals, your provider will schedule a treatment plan of length that will offer you options and solutions, and help you reach your goals. Future treatments and maintenance care may be helpful in the future, and is based on your preference.

Can I submit my bill to my insurance company for reimbursement?

Yes! Ask us about Reimbursify, an app you can use to easily request reimbursement from your insurance provider, with a superbill provided by our team. We will provide treatment notes and billing statements if needed for reimbursement. Please keep in mind we do not participate with insurance policies, forms, or phone calls, and cannot guarantee their response or coverage. *Please note: Any additional assistance required for documentation or request for information from insurance companies is charged to our clients at $15/document. 

Finding a lasting solution is possible.