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Migraine Mythology

Did you know neck weakness can cause a migraine?

In the world of migraine management, it’s all too common to focus solely on treating the symptoms rather than seeking out the underlying reasons why migraines persist. But what if there’s another option, one that challenges the status quo and embraces alternative therapies that seek to uncover the root causes of migraines?

Common Patient Experiences ⬇️

Jane’s Medication Journey

  • Background: Jane’s migraines began after a car accident resulting in chronic neck pain and the sensation of a neck weakness—she often felt like her head was too heavy for her neck.
  • Treatment Path:
    • Jane initially turned to migraine medication, hoping for a quick fix to alleviate her frequent migraines and neck discomfort.
    • With each pill, Jane experienced temporary relief, only to be followed by a resurgence of pain and dependency.
    • Seeking a more permanent solution, Jane underwent Botox injections, nerve blocks, and finally a nerve ablation procedure.
    • Little did she know that nerve ablations are only temporary solutions…often times needing to be done every 6-12 months.
  • Outcome: Despite the temporary reprieve provided by nerve ablations, Jane found herself back at square one, grappling with recurring migraines and the nagging side effects of medication. The realization dawned that treating symptoms alone was not the solution she desperately sought.

John’s Conservative Journey

  • Background: John’s journey with migraines began after a concussion that left him with chronic neck pain and the gradual feeling that his neck was getting weaker.
  • Treatment Path:
    • Driven by a desire to uncover the root causes of his migraines, John was looking for conservative treatments.
    • John found a physiotherapist who was trained in manual therapy, evaluation, and who understood headaches.
    • Through a combination of dry needling with electrical stimulation and strength training on the Multi-Cervical Unit, John sought to address the underlying issues contributing to his migraines–neck weakness.
  • Outcome: As his neck got stronger, his symptoms became less frequent. He eventually stopped taking his migraine medication and only needs a few treatments each year to stay on top of his progress.


Dry needling can offer similar benefits to migraine medication.


Myth vs Reality

  • Myth: The only way to relieve migraines is through medication, injections, or surgery, and once you get migraines, they’re here to stay.
  • Reality: For many migraine sufferers, neck weakness is a major factor. Finding relief from migraines is possible with targeted solutions.


Neck weakness is often overlooked as a trigger for migraines.


Consider a New Narrative

  • Challenge the Mythology: Explore alternative therapies that seek solutions rather than just treating symptoms.
  • Seek Education: Understand the underlying factors contributing to migraines and explore treatments that address them.
  • Advocate for Well-being: Take an active role in your migraine management journey, seeking out solutions that empower and provide lasting relief.

Join the movement. Finding the root cause matters.

Have you tried other ways to manage migraines? Feel free to share your experiences and questions in the comments. Let’s challenge common beliefs about migraines and support each other in finding lasting relief. Instead of just treating symptoms with medication, let’s look for the root causes. By exploring different therapies and learning more, we can take charge of our migraine journey.


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