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If you’re struggling with migraines and neck pain, strengthening your neck muscles might hold the key to relief. Recent research sheds light on the crucial link between neck muscle strength and migraine frequency, as well as neck pain intensity.

1) Understanding the Link Between Neck Weakness and Migraines

A recent study published explored this connection. Researchers found that women with episodic migraines had weaker neck muscles compared to those without migraines. Additionally, those experiencing both migraines and neck pain had even weaker muscles, particularly in certain movements.

The study also revealed a correlation between weak neck muscles and the severity of migraine symptoms. Strengthening these muscles could potentially reduce both migraine frequency and associated symptoms.

2) Targeted Training for Neck Pain Relief

Another study, published in the The Clinical Journal of Pain, focused on specific exercises to target deep neck muscles in individuals with chronic neck pain.

After a 6-week training program, participants experienced significant improvements in muscle activation. The exercises particularly benefited those with the lowest muscle activation at the start. There was also a clear link between initial pain levels and changes in muscle activation, indicating the effectiveness of tailored exercise interventions.

3) Multi-Cervical Unit Benefits at KinetaCare Physiotherapy

At KinetaCare Physiotherapy, we offer innovative solutions to address neck pain and migraines. Our Multi-Cervical Unit (MCU) designed to assess and strengthen neck muscles safely and effectively. As one of 75 operating MCU’s across the United States, we offer solutions to a large region of clients suffering from migraines or other neck-related symptoms.

The MCU allows for precise measurement of muscle strength and endurance, providing valuable insights into areas of weakness. Through targeted exercises and personalized treatment plans, our clients experience improvements in neck muscle strength, leading to reduced pain and better migraine management.

Multi cervical unit (MCU)

Strengthening your neck muscles through targeted exercises can not only improve neck pain but also potentially reduce migraine frequency and severity. By working with your doctor of physiotherapist at KinetaCare Physiotherapy and incorporating these exercises into your routine, you can take proactive steps towards managing your symptoms and improving your overall well-being.

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